Hot off the Barbeque - This May Bank Holiday

With what's currently happened to the restaurant industry at the moment, we could very well be playing 'ode to the Applegarth', along with so many others.

That's not us though is it. Time to reinvent the dining experience and provide you with an amazing hot Kadaii BBQ to take away. Think pulled pork, rolled suckling pig, cedar plank seared glazed salmon, salads and corn-bread. 

Infact don't think it- click here and have a look at this, an event we did last spring- it went down epically well.

Honestly, it will be stunningly delicious - a brilliant dinner to take home for the family. For the lucky soul designated as mule, we may very well have a complimentary drink ready for your arrival. Take a seat at the extraordinarily well spaced tables outside (2m apart) and we will have your order, literally, hot off the barbeque. 

Click here to book. We will provide you with a pick up time when all orders have been received -last order Thursday lunch time. Put in the order notes if you desperately have to have the order for a certain time (kids) 


May 02, 2020 — William Benson