Cancellation of Orders

Reservation of Title: All goods remain the property of Hampshire's Finest Ltd until they have been conditionally paid for in full.

All orders can be cancelled up to 7 days from the delivery date. A full refund minus any administrative costs will be credited to the purchaser. Any orders cancelled within 7 days will be refunded, minus any perishable goods that are unable to be resold or reused.
Any order can be cancelled at any time within 7 days after receiving the goods.

A full refund will be given minus any product that is perishable or has been damaged or eaten. The refund will take place within 30 days. Please notify Applegarth Retail Ltd in writing. All postage and packaging costs used to return the goods will be born by yourself and all products must be returned in good order, within 10 days of the notice of cancellation.

Damaged items

Please check all items upon receipt and make sure they are of good quality before signing for delivery. All claims for damages caused in transit will be met in full if this is done and we are informed within 3 days of receiving the goods. Applegarth Retail Ltd. will replace damaged items that have been signed accordingly and have been inspected by us as to validity of claim. We will pay for any damaged good to be returned to Applegarth Retails ltd for inspection. We are liable to the selling price of the good (s) only.