Did someone say cheese?
Cheese fiends listen up! 🧀⁣

We're beating the drum for British artisan cheeses - of which there are so many amazing varieties. With our love for local, we support the small makers and seek out dairies that are often off the beaten track to fill our deli counter.⁣

Prepare to die and go to cheese heaven as we bring you 4 of the best!⁣

🐐 Rosary Goats Cheese – Gorgeously light and creamy with a lovely lemony tang, this goats cheese is a firm favourite of ours. Made on the border of Hampshire & Wiltshire using milk of British Saanen goats, its texture is deliciously mousse-like and works wonders crumbled into a tart with sweet onions or tossed over a lemony green salad. ⁣

🐄 Levin Down – Cut through the velvet-soft rind to reveal a soft, creamy and buttery cheese that is made using deliciously rich, organic Goodwood milk. No accompaniments are necessary although we like to layer up with fresh bread. The pleasure really comes from letting it melt on the tongue.⁣

💙 Molecomb Blue – Our favourite blue thanks to its rich, full-bodied taste, creamy texture and dark smoky grey crust. A member of the Goodwood Home Farm range, it's won a number of prestigious awards including a gold star at the Great Taste Awards. Needless-to-say, this is a wedge that's truly difficult to resist and an absolute must for any serious cheese board. ⁣

⭐ Tunworth – Described by Raymond Blanc as "the best Camembert in the world", this cheese takes the traditional French recipe and elevates it tenfold. Made entirely by hand, its silky, wrinkled exterior encases a soft textured, sweet & nutty tasting cheese with earthy mushroom notes. Great on a cheeseboard and the perfect cooks ingredient, Tunworth adds a fantastic dimension to many dishes. We like to take it up a notch by baking and smoking with rosemary.⁣

Available to purchase from the deli counter at the farm and via our virtual shelves!
May 19, 2020 — Rachel Borland