31 Days of Riesling!

A whole month dedicated to the Right Honourable Riesling? Don't mind if we do...

This aromatic grape variety makes some of the world's finest vino bianco in a variety of complex, fruity & lime-licked styles, the best of which will age brilliantly. Just like we mortals, right?⁣

Whether you're dining in our restaurant, shopping online or browsing our farm shop shelves, you can savour our top 3 stand out sips from the very best Old World & New World wine-growing regions. ⁣⁣

Louis Guntrum Oppenheim Herrenberg Riesling Spaltese - £27.25

Mineral aromas of ripe citrus fruit and honey on the bouquet, with flavours of ripe peaches and tropical fruits. Very complex with a perfect expression of Niersteiner “red slope”, red sandstone floor. This is a fantastic wine.

Walt Riesling, Villa Wolf - £15.95

A dry Riesling with lovely peach and stone fruits with a whiff of elderflower and refreshing apple crispness.

Wente Vineyards Riverbank Riesling - £21.45

Riverbank Riesling is a completely dry wine with fresh aromatics of pear and honeysuckle that is balanced with a crisp acidity.
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July 14, 2021 — Rachel Borland