Buy To Give This Christmas
Dear friends,

Applegarth is delighted to launch a new Buy To Give This Christmas scheme, donating a pack of Homemade Mince Pies to Haslemere Food Bank for every 3 packs of Mince Pies purchased.

Between now and Christmas, every pack of Mince Pies ordered via our online shop at will qualify and the donated packs will be dropped at the food bank by us.

As a family owned and operated business, we feel a growing responsibility to support our local community particularly during these unprecedented times and with the festive season fast approaching. Last year we donated 400 Mince Pies to The RSCH, Guildford police, Guildford Fire Brigade & Footsteps homeless charity and our hope is that this new scheme will provide an opportunity for us all to hold on to that Christmas spirit – doing something quick and easy but meaningful.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the money you've raised for our NHS Fund which you can continue to donate towards via our website if you would like to. A personal and very big thank you for working with us this year to support one another in such a positive way.

To brighter days ahead.

Best wishes,
November 25, 2020 — William Benson