Applegarth started its life in 1977 as a large pick your own farm specialising in soft fruit. We invigorated the growing 4 years ago by putting the farm into Organic status and pushing a small-holding style growing initiative.

No longer organic, we are still growing a variety of vegetables for our farmshop and restaurant.

Applegarth Community Farm Project.
Join a growing trend. 

Based on Hugh Fernley Whittingstall's 'Landshare' movement, Applegarth is opening it's fields to anyone in the local community wanting to try there hand at growing. Many people are keen to grow their own food but feel that they lack the skills or are frustrated that they can't get an allotment-this is your answer!

We are looking to form a collective of people who are interested in growing a range of fruit and vegetables with an eye on husbandry next year. The group will have a core group who work out the logistics, field growing plans etc with everyone else then implementing the plan, working as a community to push the project forward.

A sizeable piece of land (approx 1 acre) is being prepared for planting next spring with a polytunnel already bearing fruit. We planted 100 tomato plants, cucumbers, chillis, radishes and rocket and have had great success with them.

The land we have set aside has the following:

On site mains water
Plentiful manure
Large polytunnel

We are currently looking for people interested in joining this community project which will start in early 2011. The costs involved will be nominal, however you will be expected to provide your time, as to be agreed by the group. 

Previous experience is not necessary, enthusiasm and positivity are however!