Have you watched our video tutorial? It's a good place to start:


Q: I’m not sure I want to download the takeaway app. Can’t I just call or turn up with an order?
A: You can however your order will need to go through the app so you will need an account. Our takeaway app provides a very convenient platform for you to quickly, simply place and pay for takeaway food and drink orders via your phone. As a welcome offer, we are offering £5 free credit when you spend £10 which can be used towards your first takeaway. In addition, you will earn points every time you spend which can be used as payment for future orders.

Q: How does the £5 for £10 welcome promo work?
A: As a thank you for downloading the app, we will give you £5 credit when you buy the £5 for £10 promo. Simply select the promo banner and click the purchase button at the bottom of the screen to complete the transaction and we will double your points, i.e. you spend £5 and we will give you another £5 for free. Once you have purchased this £5 promo, the £10 credit will automatically be applied when you checkout – no need to enter a code.

Q: How does the points scheme work?
A: As well as your welcome £5 credit, you can earn points on all purchases made via the app – so for example 10 loyalty points for every £1 spent, plus gain access to exclusive offers and rewards. Your current point balance will always be visible when you open the Home screen of your app. Once you've earned enough points, these can be used to redeem Credit - think of credit like cash-back, ready to use on your next purchase. 

Q: Can I use the points I collect elsewhere such as in the farm shop or as part payment for a meal in the restaurant?
A: No. Points cannot be transferred to other areas of the business that are separate from the app. They can only be used in-app and therefore with takeaway purchases.

Q: How do I redeem credit?
A Tap the Promotion card your want (e.g. £10 credit for 1000 points) > Tap the Redeem button & Confirm > Done. Your current Credit balance will now be visible on the Home screen of your app, alongside your current point balance. 

Q: How do I use my credit?
A: Your current credit balance will be automatically deducted from your next purchase. If you purchase is more than your available credit balance, your credit will be used first, and then any remaining amount will be charged to your linked payment method like normal.

Q: How do I check if my credit was applied to my purchase?
A: There are two places you can check:
- In your app - under My Activity
- On the receipt that was sent to your email


Q: Can I order a takeaway via the website?
A: Yes. You can access the web app via as well as here:

Q: Can I order my takeaway in advance?
A Yes. When you visit the app you will be able to select your preferred date and time.

Q: I am ordering a takeaway to collect as soon as possible. How long will it take?
A: We ask that you arrive within 30mins of placing your order but be prepared for it to take up to 45mins during peak hours.


Q: Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
A: Yes. We always have vegetarian and vegan options on the menu and some of the dishes may be adapted for coeliac and dairy free. Please be sure to make a note of any special dietary requests when placing your order.

Q: Will my takeaway keep warm until I get home?
A: Our packaging is designed to keep your food warm for a short period until you get home but we do recommend consuming all food within 20mins of receiving it. You can also purchase restaurant meals to heat at your convenience from home via the website.


Q: I have a Gift Voucher that I want to use to pay for my takeaway. How do I do this?
A: You will need to call us and place your order over the phone. Please have your voucher ready with your unique code. Unfortunately, we are unable to process Gift Vouchers online or via the Takeaway App.

Q: Can I order in-app and pay on collection?
A: No. You will need to pay in-app for us to be able to receive and process your order.

Q: How do I add a payment method in the app?
A: Tap the side navigation (displayed as ≡) from the app Home screen > Select Payment > Tap the button > Add New Payment Method > Verify your profile (only required once via SMS) > Add your payment method & Done. Once you've added your card you can use to make a purchase in-app. You can easily add, remove, and set your default payment method at any time.

Q: Is My Payment Method Safe?
All payment method information added into the LOKE app is secured via their local gateways globally which is Cardstream in the UK. Once you add your payment method to make a purchase in-app the payment method is encrypted, stored in a vault and never ever shared. LOKE encryption process is the same used by global technology companies such as Uber, AirBnB and PayPal. To learn more about LOKE payment gateway please contact 'Support' in the app.