I can't think there are many people in this country that have more history in farming, let alone farming in the immediate area than Angus Stovold. His family have been farming in the Surrey Hills for centurys and for 350 years farmed Polshot Manor in Elstead. In 1905 they moved to Lidling Farm in Shackleford near Godalming and have been raising cattle there ever since. 



So, the beef. Aberdeen Angus has a somewhat tarnished reputation in my opinion, every burger chain claims to be using 'aberdeen angus'. However, most have been cross bred to oblivion and contain a fraction of the original gene. 

Angus Stovolds herd are the opposite of that. The website http://www.aberdeenangus.co.uk/herd-history/ is his and you can read up on the fact that his is pretty much the last remaining purebread heard in the world. It dates back to 1936- his heard has a massive reputation in the beef industry, he exports bulls, all over the world due to their pure breed. 

There has to be a reason why Aberdeen Angus is a name synonymous to good beef. 

I could go on but all I will say is by supporting Angus and his local heard, we are putting money directly into the hands of a man who cares passionately about our local environment and reinvests heavily into that.

This is a 250g steak at £35.50 per kg. A good sized steak and thoroughly delicious.