When carob met sesame this two-ingredient treat was born. Pure, delicious and cold stirred to keep the goodness in. 

Add a spoonful to your smoothie for a natural hit of iron and calcium; spread on toast, crackers, pancakes; use as an ingredient in baking; dollop onto yoghurt, ice-cream or porridge; serve as savoury on a cheeseboard.


This versatile vegan fusion of chocolatey tasting carob without the ‘chocolate’ calories and sultry nutty flavour of sesame, combine to bring out the best in your everyday dishes and more adventurous baking. 

The evergreen carob tree is native to the Med and Middle East but now cultivated more widely in sunny climes. During the late Roman period the pure gold coin ‘solidus’ weighed 24 carob seeds resulting in the expression ‘24-carat gold’, in turn carob seeds, which are consistent in weight, were used to measure gold, in ‘carats’. It’s no coincidence that Carosesa comes wrapped in luxurious gold branding, but what really shines is the taste.